Meet The Acupuncturist


“My Mission is to Empower Clients by Offering Resources and Knowledge to Enable Them to Experience Wellness and Vibrant Health.”

   When I was younger and trying to decide what career I wanted, I knew I wanted to do something that included counseling, teaching, and helping people heal. A Nursing degree seemed to include everything I would need. After graduation and certifications, I worked for ten (10) years as a Cardiac Nurse in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). I really enjoyed helping ICU patients while dealing with whatever crises they were coming up against. During that time, I also learned that such an intense environment isn’t the right one for me. To serve most effectively, I believe practitioners should strive to stay in a state of Health and Wellness. While helping my ICU patients was personally gratifying it became clear that my journey pursuing Health and Wellness for clients and self was evolving. “As I began looking at alternative paths, I realized that a practice providing Acupuncture might be a viable goal for me.”

   Then, early in my time as an ICU Nurse, I became a new mother and that took a lot of my energy. I sought Acupuncture to assist with my energy and physical support. My experience taught me that Acupuncture can affect every level of my life: physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. A career as a trained and certified Registered Nurse, who also has obtained the training and certification as an Acupuncture Physician and Herbalist, was an amazing direction for me to take! I was so gratified to realize that I can continue to empower my clients while helping their bodies heal through natural ways! Also, establishing goals for decreasing heavy reliance on pharmaceutical medications, whenever possible, is always very important. I received my education at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Gainesville, FL. In addition to my formal education in acupuncture and herbs, I completed training in medical qigong and practice qigong and yoga. Doing so helps align both the energy and the physical structure of the body.

   Whether you have physical or emotional concerns, I’ll work with you to improve your health. The work we do together is designed to treat more than your symptoms. I’ll design a treatment strategy that will address the root causes of your health concerns at a physical, emotional, and/or spiritual level. Once you are feeling better, I’ll partner with you in maintaining a high quality of health and wellness.


Interested in trying Acupuncture to relieve your pain?

Contact Elizabeth St Pierre-Charles (Formerly Rawls),
Acupuncturist Physician, Registered Nurse | 850-536-5854